Japan’s Tsunami: Blood Dolphins and Ocean Harmonics
Posted on March 12, 2011 by Kim
I was talking to my mom this morning about the tsunami when I heard a whisper in my mind.

Dolphins. Tsunami. The ocean’s harmonics.

The implication of those words settled into me filling me with awe. Could it be….? I wondered.

In the past the angels taught me about the astoundingly important, yet unrecognized role the dolphins and whales play in the ocean’s ecosystem. The simplest way to say it would be that they balance the energy of the ocean. It’s a job so important that it’s entrusted to only the highly evolved.

Because our lives are dependent upon the ocean’s balance, you might call the work of the dolphins and whales the most important energy work on the planet.

Last night while listening to the news I finally heard a scientist speak on the ocean’s energy. It was in comparison to a previous earthquake measuring 7.1. She said, “The earthquake in Japan was 800 times more energy.”

That’s right. This is about our ocean’s energy body. It’s always about energy. Even on the most basic level of understanding about energy, we know that it needs balance. Balance equals harmony.

Or else what? Or else, we suffer an effect. Just like when our bodies become out of balance, we suffer the effect of physical disharmony, like an illness. This alerts us that we had better get back into balance.

As the angel’s words settled into my consciousness, I then heard Blood Dolphins. I’ve seen the commercial for this show on TV numerous times. When it comes on I grab the remote to change stations. From the bottom of my heart, I thank the people who have brought this issue to light and continue to raise awareness with their show, but I cannot watch any part of it without it inducing a sick feeling that reaches my soul.

I’ve known, and grieved over the fact that dolphins are being killed in the coastal waters of Japan. But I didn’t know where in Japan. I grabbed my computer and did an Internet search quickly finding that they call this slaughter the Dall’s Porpoise Hunt. A total of 18,000 porpoises, dolphins and small whales are killed there ANNUALLY, off the coast of northern Japan.

That led me to wonder where the tsunami hit. I plugged “northern Japan tsunami” into the search line and hit enter. Links returned confirming for me that the tsunami did hit northern Japan, more specifically, northeastern Japan.

Back to my search, where I now typed in northeastern Japan + Dall porpoise and came back: Match.

The porpoises are hunted off the coast of northeastern Japan— exactly where the ocean became unbalanced and issued its earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

Out of curiosity I took it one step further and found that it’s currently dolphin-killing season in Iwate and Miyagi, lasting through April 30th. Beginning May 1st, the right to slaughter continues, but in an area called Hokkaido. All of these areas were hit.

I want to be very clear about where I’m going with this because I’m not calling this a payback. Many people speak of Karma, but I find it’s used in a “Karma’s a bitch” kind of way. Karma is a spiritual law, and spiritual law doesn’t seek revenge. It doesn’t place judgment on the people of Japan or even those participating in the slaughter.

Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. In this case, if humans make the decision to kill the mammals that help balance the emotional body of the ocean, and kill them in large quantities, year after year, this causes the ocean in that area to be out of harmony. An earthquake is the energetic expression of this disharmony.

This isn’t the ocean punishing those who cause her harm. It just is what it is.

If this post has heightened your interest in protecting dolphins and whales, please Google and find the many sites and petitions dedicated to this cause. These mammals killed anywhere affect us all, everywhere!

You might also consider a prayer of gratitude for those mammals who are the unsung energy workers of this planet.

And of course, I hope you will continue to pray for the Japanese people. As a way to lend your energetic support build love and compassion in your heart and send it across the sea, soothing the sea on its way and arriving in Japan as a feeling of One Love. Trust that the legions of angels are already there, instilling peace into the stressed residents and assisting the souls who are leaving our planet at this time for their eternal life.

We are never alone.

Peace & Love,


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Thanks: My personal thanks to the Sea Shepherd for the work you do. May the force be with you.

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